If I had my own café…

The paintings on the walls would be hung with vibrant nature-images of our farmers, butchers, fishermen and suppliers all in their work environment.

She’s been farming for 30 years, loves what she does, and always happy to hear about your recipes, and  always happy to share her own. Catch her at the Granville Island real farmers market every Thursday all summer.
These were from crab traps off Gambier Island. For sustainability, the females are given back to the sea, the little ones too. Big male ones can be kept but only a couple or so daily.
These fantastic giant prawns were caught a few hours before they were butterflied and grilled, then tossed in a brown butter, pepper and shallot sauce. Night food court in Penang, Malaysia.
This beautiful pork shoulder is from Pete’s Meats, my favourite butcher shop in Vancouver. Toss with sea salt, cracked pepper and roast at 425 degrees for 40 minutes (seared), then reduce to 300 degrees and continue cooking for 2.5 hours. You will love it.

The tables would be scrubbed butcher blocks with vases of fresh flowers or herbs, the chairs would hug your asses like it was contoured just for you, and your backs will be made happy too.

The kitchen would be organized, inviting, and the guests could see right in where the cook, clean, fresh-faced and healthy, will be creating foods for happy tummies.

Aren’t you tired of choking on salad stems, tired of eating one thin flat leaf at a time, aren’t you just done with having to contort your lips to get a bite in?


Well, in this café you will get salads that are manageable, folded into layers for eating with your hands. Or cut into tiny bits, with sticky dressings to hold them in little forkfuls.

Organic, local, ready to create.

Gourmet comfort food will save the day, from slow simmered whole chicken soups in clear broths with minced ginger and turmeric somewhere in there, to fragrant mini potpies filled with red wine beef stew and vegetable-patch goodies, and covered in a flaky homemade pastry.

This recipe is super easy to make, check back for the how-to. The hardest part is cleansing your mind, body and spirit, so you can put only good energy into it.
Individual pot pies, organic lattes from Sixth Degrees Eatery, and gluten-free chocolate brownies.

Every dish would be made to share.

Fast and easy fried rice, gluten-free soy sauce, and sliced chilies. Typical Malaysian lunch/snack.
My mama’s chicken patties, a secret I am never sharing, but think fragrant fillings and flaky pastries.
Chorizo and caramelized onions omelette.

No two dishes would ever use the same sauces or toppings or dressings and every side would be a celebration on its own.

eathical spice blends made for the love of cookery.

The team would make eye contact, chat, and actually listen to you if you need to speak and if they were busy they would say, “I am enjoying this conversation, but I gotta go take care of so and so.”


Eating here would be rejuvenating for the mind-body-spirit, therapeutic for the tummy and soul, and anyone with food-curiosity for food-purity would be indulged.

Here in my little make-believe café every cheque would come with a tiny cupcake, just because every one deserves a little suga.


People will always be the first priority.

Planet will always be treated for what it is, our safety net.

Profit will follow along, as it will.

Bawah island in the South China Sea.
Where the monkeys source their own food and are left alone to revel in a life of freedom.

Keep on seeking happy trails, take care of yourself and your tummies.

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