Samantha McLeod is a travel and food writer based in Vancouver whose work has taken her across Asia, Caribbean, North America, South America and Africa. With a voracious appetite for searching out and documenting new places, spaces and food, ‘Sam’ is also an avid photographer whose work on sustainable, organic and gluten free foods has been internationally acclaimed.  Sam does not only promote the merits of healthy and sustainable living and gluten free diets. She breathes it and helps others live it with her global culinary adventures.


Welcome to Eating Ethically

The more we are informed the easier it is to change/implement new laws and regulations. I, like all of you, would like to find a balance to sustain our lives and the lives of future generations. Let us all be activists, not zealots.

We utter platitudes about sustainability but do we ever really explore the realities of what is happening and what is to come? Is there enough for now and the future? Are we being fed real food? Why are we getting sick from some of the foods we eat while others don’t get enough to eat?

There are people starving from a complete lack of food and there are others suffering from another form of starvation – obesity – no calories or too many empty calories will result in the same affliction.

Food is the centre of everyone’s everyday life so expect to read about businesses doing community work, farmers and fishermen facing the elements daily, events where people gather to celebrate life, research on food, sustainability and so much more.

Welcome and lets have some fun!

Samantha McLeod, travel and food writer.



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