Freelance Writing Services

Sam McLeod of is a freelance food and travel writer. Her services, including website content, ghostwriting, and cookbook writing, will incorporate social media promotions to garner a wider audience for your message. Sam is known as an ethical writer and will only collaborate on work with mutual-minded individuals who believe in the order of people, planet, profit.

We live in a fast paced world where information is sought after and decisions made within the first 20 seconds of scanning an online ad, or a website page. Without content in the world today a business has very little chance of getting noticed much less surviving.

Increase your visibility with relevant and concise content that your ideal customers are seeking.

Be a social media influencer by interacting and sharing engaging content with your audience, instead of advertisements.

A freelance writer is a writer who works on a self-employed basis. We do work for one, or several different publications at a time. The more diverse we are as writers the more likely your published content will get noticed. We have honed our skills of “speaking” to many audiences.

A ghostwriter is a person who writes material for others. Ghostwriters are hired for a multitude of reasons – from editing and flowing a rough draft, to researching and writing an entire book under another person’s name.

Contact me to promote your positive and sustainable message to a wide audience.

Samantha McLeod.