Organic Farming Will Stop The Ecological Apocalypse

Ever wonder where all those baby organic lettuces come from?


Recently I had the good fortune to tour an organic farm in California where there is endless sunshine, good water supply and rich soil.

Soil is a non-renewable resource. Preservation of soil is essential for food security and our sustainable future. Organic farming improves the quality of soil life and fertility, and water quality.


Organic farming works with nature it does not rely on synthetic chemicals, petroleum-based pesticides or fertilizers. The more organic farms there are the more we reduce water and soil contamination.


Organic farmers develop healthy, fertile soil by growing a mixture of crops and by crop rotation. Crop rotations help break cycles of pests and diseases.

Healthy soils store carbon, switching to organic farming could save the planet.


Certified organic prohibits the use of GMO ingredients – Organic food is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents.

GMO food or Biotech crops are plants that are modified using genetic engineering techniques. New traits are introduced to the plants, which does not occur naturally in the species.

Natural foods – there are no defined guidelines for labelling food as “natural”

We do live in a world where the growing of food has changed dramatically in the last 30 years, food we knew as children now hurt us more than make us healthy. No more waiting for a good crop, now we demand out of season foods and expect our fruits and vegetables to look pretty, uniformed as little soldiers, and have a forever fridge-life.

Do we lay blame at the feet of gigantic corporations? Pelt blame at governing bodies?


Or do we make a conscious decision every single day from this day forward to buy food that is good for our health, the environment and our future grandchildren?


Can we turn back the clock? Absolutely not, but we can change the way our food is grown…one field at a time.


” Organic certification verifies that your farm or handling facility located anywhere in the world complies with the USDA organic regulations and allows you to sell, label, and represent your products as organic. These regulations describe the specific standards required for you to use the word “organic” or the USDA organic seal on food, feed, or fibre products. The USDA National Organic Program administers these regulations, with substantial input from its citizen advisory board and the public.” USDA


Samantha McLeod.