Spice blends that are fresh, all-natural, and based on world cuisines. These blends will save people time, money, and free up more space in the cupboards. These blends will be gone so fast that you will never have to use old spices again because you will keep coming back again for more. 


Our Spice Blends were created especially for the cook in all of you. Every spice blend is created in a positive and pristine environment and every bottle is filled with all-natural spices. Every blend is specifically geared to a certain cuisine BUT they can be used in many ways on any cuisine too.

Food is one gift that keeps on giving. We all love food and we live in a food-lover’s haven here in Vancouver. How precious it is to gift such priceless moments to yourself and family, and friends and colleagues.


Here’s how easy it is to use these spices.

Roasted Chicken (The Bird Blend)

Fresh bird, spice blend, olive oil, an apple
Rub the oil and Poultry spice everywhere on the bird, stuff the apples into the cavity to retain the shape.
Two hours later perfection emerges from the oven, mind blowing flavour barely describes it.

Whether you are planning a family dinner to celebrate a milestone. Or you choose to experiment with a Fish Head Simmer, or just settle for a comfortable Curry Rice Bowl, you will always be The Star Cook

Fish Head Simmer (The Italian)


Beef Curry, rice and salad (The Mango Curry)


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