Social Media Promotion Service

Example of Social Media Promotion Service

Measurable goals – to track the progress and shift the focus, if necessary, to another avenue that is showing results


A spreadsheet will be submitted at the end of the promotion, based on daily monitoring.
Tracking the ROI – return on impressions


A screen shot of the analytics for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Track likes daily
Followers Aim for X per week.
Follow Aim for XX per week
Facebook page Published on Eathical and tagged on friends and clients/customers facebook pages.
Website viewings Based on tweets and shares. Aim for X re-tweets per article and XX shares per article. Boost all posts and record impressions number.
Reach of online articles Numbers will be added to the spreadsheet.
Tracking data setup Internal, to be submitted at the end of the promotion.
Spreadsheet Internal, to be submitted at the end of the promotion.
Calendar Internal, to be submitted at the end of the promotion.
How many postings per day/week would you like to see?



Online article


Mentions in other articles




1 corporate article on your business/ published once during the promotion.

1 per week


Dates xx.xx.xxxx
Times to publish/interact xx.xx.xx
Target audience/research on your followers and shifting the focus if necessary. Internal, will be submitted at the end of the promotion.
Links out from my articles when appropriate. xx

Clear timeline for the promotion

Start date X
End date X
Schedule for each social media message X

Where to focus the attention

Your Website

Who to focus attention on and when

Eathical Spices
Eathical Tours
Ribbon Photography

Linking in and out

Eathical tours
Eathical (my website)
Ribbon photography (if services were used)

Target audience – Profile – Preferences

Age bracket,

Dedicated social media campaigns platform

Text contest – people write in
Photo contest – submit and based on likes
Video contest x
Caption contest – put a dish up and ask them to name it x
Viral contest – leave a comment or submit an email to get a chance to win x
Visual galleries – using the hashtag to automatically show up in a gallery online Will create a hashtag based on philosophy of business.
Photo contest – submit and based on likes x
Campaign hashtag that may represent Your content and brand (do not use the brand name because we want maximum users and reach that are not Company related) Will decide at signing.
Create engagements and track the conversation x
Visuals social media profiles to tie to the campaign x
Set up search stream x

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