Best Corporate Giveaways Are Foodie Gift Packages

Food is one gift that keeps on giving. We all love food and we live in a food-lover’s haven here in Vancouver.

This Christmas I have the perfect gift for you to think about.

Spice blends that are fresh, all-natural, and based on world cuisines. These blends will save people time and money, and they will create lasting moments in their memories. How precious it is to give such a priceless gift to show your appreciation.


Every spice blend is created in a positive and pristine environment and every bottle is filled with all-natural spices. Every blend is specifically geared to a certain cuisine and can be used in many ways.

My Christmastime Corporate giveaways is when I get to play with pretty packages. I get to send each Company’s message out through food. What a joy it is to work with Companies that think of their house accounts, clients, and customers as real people with families and lives outside of the business world.


It’s brilliant to know that every time someone opens a bottle to spice-up their meals that their thoughts are with the Company or Organisation that gifted them this package. Your clients, customers, families and friends will always think of you warmly when they feed their friends and families. Your thoughtful gift will live on far longer than a bottle of wine, box of chocolate, or a frozen turkey will.

Unless your gift of a bottle of wine is good enough to be added to someone’s collection, then it will barely be remembered.


Chocolates are either consumed without thought or re-gifted because these candies are generic sweets; a million types created by a few corporations means nothing.

Or a frozen turkey, no one remembers the turkey, they remember the way it was prepared, the taste, the flavour, the fond memories around that perfect dinner.

Here’s how easy it is to use these spices, the very reason why they will always remember your gift.

Fresh bird, spice blend, olive oil, an apple
Rub the oil and Poultry spice everywhere on the bird, stuff the apples into the cavity to retain the shape.
Two hours later perfection emerges from the oven, mind blowing flavour barely describes it.

Whether they are planning a family dinner to celebrate a milestone. Or they choose to experiment with a Fish Head Simmer, or just settle for a comfortable Curry Rice Bowl, they will always remember your heartfelt gift.

Fish Head Simmer


Beef Curry, rice and salad

Two gift boxes to choose from:

Each boxed set comes with a beautiful 100% cotton tea towel. Your business card and a handwritten gift card. My business card will be at the bottom of the box with directions to where loads of recipes are posted.

Spice Treasures contains my Poultry Rub, Seafood Blend, and Mango Curry Masala, and one bottle of pure Mediterranean sea salt. These are all nestled in a soft cotton tea towel and placed in a keepsake box.



Italian Kitchen includes Extra virgin olive oil, Champagne vinegar, 3 different dried herbs, 1 bottle tapenade, a salad dressing mixing bowl and a stainless steel beater all nestled in a soft tea towel and a wicker catch-all basket.




Contact me at or 604.679.3415 for more information on how you can make an impression this year.

Until next time keep up with my local community and food travels on twitter @Eathical_Tours and for even more stories check out


Samantha McLeod

Vancouver based food and travel writer.

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