Lack of hair makes a churlish fool refusing to face reality.

Listen women, you know what it feels like when you have a bad hair day. You can be a real bitch. You might even hate yourself and everyone within target. But then you hit up the salon, or take a shaver to the scalp, and voila! life is beautiful again.


Trump, on the other hand, was born with a bad hair day. He wakes up every morning with a bad hair day. He has tried comb-overs, wigs, and scalp removal surgery. His balding scalp cannot be covered up, replaced or re-grafted. There is no hope of growth for this churlish fool refusing to face reality.

Should he trump the race?


Welcome to the life of a refugee.

Trump’s America will be USA’s ISIS – White nationalist equates to Islam radicals – and non-radical Americans will have to flee, like the Syrians are doing.

All republicans are USA’s ISIS – this is in keeping with the “logic” that all muslims are Islam terrorists.

Welcome to an oppressive regime.

What happens in America will not stay in dictatorship America. There are politicians across the globe with these self-same radical ideas and they will gain strength from America the Great.

Women will suffer.

If abortion is illegal in America, then Mexico’s border towns will become abortion towns. The pro-lifers will follow and they will introduce their form of terrorism. Clinics will be bombed. Mexicans and non-radical Americans will be the collateral damage.

But I am sure with Trump’s hatred of Mexicans and women that would be considered the proverbial “Two birds with one stone” solution.

There are two sides to every wall.

If they can deny entry, they can deny exit. Ladies of America you are now condemned to carry the seed of hate crimes, your body now belongs to the state. If you should leave you will be hunted and “punished”, a punishment that is so bad that they have not thought of what it will be yet, but do believe it will be insurmountable.

But who will “take America back? “make America great again”?

Who’e going to keep America from getting decimated?

Who’s going to keep America on friendly terms with the rest of the world?

Who can be trusted to conduct business with a handshake and follow through –  as opposed to a broken contract and back stabbing?

Who is a true diplomat?

Who is capable of empathy for others?

Who listens and engages in conversations?

Who spent a lifetime as a politician and understands the way of that world?

Hillary Clinton.

She must get the women’s’ vote. If you have proof you are an American, you are over 18, and you can walk, jog, crawl, or drive to the voting polls, then go vote. Do it for yourselves and your daughters, do it for your sisters around the globe.

Thank you,

Your sister across the border.

Samantha McLeod

Vancouver based food and travel writer.

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