Mott 32 Vancouver – Interview Was As Empty As Trump’s Republican Campaign

Mott 32 Restaurant, opening soon in Trump Tower Vancouver – the interview was as empty as Trump’s republican campaign. Lots of talk about what to expect and the philosophy of farm-to-table but nothing to show for it.

Malcolm Wood. Image courtesy of Talk Shop Media

Malcolm Wood, Managing Director and one of the founders of Maximal Concepts Group, is a vibrant young man who seems passionate about food-purity and sustainability. He said he spent his childhood in 12 countries before his 18th birthday. Wood and his business partner have been working together for over 16 years. Five years ago they switched their focus to just “doing” restaurants. He described his business partner, Xuan Mu, Managing Director, as a flamboyant marketer, and himself as the cook and innovator of all the menus in their many restaurants in five-star hotels across the globe.

He said, “With Mott 32 we did something different, we revolutionized Chinese cuisine.”


Farm to table, Nose to Tail, Sustainable Ocean, and repeat a few more times.

Show me the Moo Shu

Unfortunately there was nothing to see aside from a book on the history of Mott 32 and images of food served elsewhere in the world.


Mystery décor with “many layers” designed by Maximal Concepts and Joyce Wang.

Dining style

High-end/upscale family sharing. Fancy cocktails in a casual atmosphere.


Uniforms, hip-style, 1920s to 1950s colonial-style service.

The interview, held in an empty office room, was as pointless and useless as Trump’s barrage of American television.

I suggest when Mott 32 is ready to share information about local suppliers, how this new concept is of benefit to the local economy/job market, and their involvement in local charities – then and only then should they invite writers to sit down for a chat.

Samantha McLeod.

Samantha McLeod

Vancouver based food and travel writer.

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