GAS-tronomy Vancouver: Calabash Bistro

BC’s Calabash Bistro, Chef Cullin David has spent most of his life in the kitchens of Vancouver’s restaurants. One chef he credits for his final training, before opening Calabash Bistro, is Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia of Provence Restaurant, Vancouver.

BC’s foods  are used in Chef Cullin’s creations. Foods inspired by the women in his life is what sets the menu – as a young boy he was lucky enough to have his two grandmothers cook him food from their birthplaces, Guyana and Ireland. These dishes left an indelible impression on him. Today Chef Cullin recreates these recipes he grew up loving, in his Gastown restaurant. He is proud of our local produce and farms and strives to keep the menu BC-proud.

BC’s gas in the kitchen is of the utmost importance to Chef Cullin David and his business because the very concept relies on the smoky flavour of grilled meats, the even heat of the griddle to make rotis, and the speed to serve guests in a timely manner.

Without gas there is no gastronomy for Calabash Bistro.

Samantha McLeod

Vancouver based food and travel writer.

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