Fall into action this autumn

As this summer comes to an end we are all getting ready for the cold snap ahead. Winter is coming and we can feel it in the mornings as we layer up to greet the day. Now is the time to think of keeping warm, inside and outside of our bodies. There are remedies for every discomfort and here are a few to consider, while being kind to yourself and others:

Be kind to yourself, you deserve your own compassion too so when you feel the need to judge yourself stop and think about how others feel when they are judged. See? You think twice about being unkind to others so why do that to yourself?

Show compassion to someone less fortunate by buying them a coffee or responding with a genuine smile when they speak to you.

Stay warm and carry an extra pair of clean socks for when your feet gets too cold.

Pack a couple extra pairs and give them to people making their homes on the sidewalks.

Make your own soup on Sundays, a big pot of bubbling goodness. Have Sunday lunches and put the rest in jars for later in the week.

Donate 5 dollars to a soup kitchen every time you make soup.

Read the news once a day and stay connected to the world but do not inundate yourself, instead of precious time ingesting the same news over and over again, think of ways you can change the world immediately around you and do it.

Something as small as a package of band aids makes a difference to someone, somewhere.

Challenge yourself to create new recipes with what is in the fridge before it goes bad.

Make a Chimichurri and save to use later – garlic, onions, herbs – blitz in a food processor and store in a clean jar in the fridge – add to any savoury dishes to kick it up a notch.

Laugh, laugh to yourself, and laugh with friends.

We have forgotten the simple pleasures, and the health benefits, of laughter.

Stay strong, be kind,

We are all humans and we all matter.

Samantha McLeod

Vancouver based food and travel writer.