Lost Dogs Illinois – Compassion brings them home.

LOST DOGS ILLINOIS – tireless volunteer hours, community connections, and wide social media reach helps too!

I love dogs, I really do.


I guess the guy that melted my heart, years ago, was a little fella named Cotton (not pictured). See, Cotton and Angel belonged to my sister and her husband (Tess and Owen) and they were much-loved little family members. These two dogs masterminded many shenanigans. Cotton would distract me by grabbing a sock off my feet and heading away from the kitchen, he would drop the sock and leave in a dash. Meanwhile Angel was in the kitchen snatching the pizza off the stove. By the time I got my sock on and went looking for them they would be slurping their muzzles with self-satisfied grins.

Cotton was the protector and funny guy who loved to take off on adventures, Angel was the princess who peed herself in delight whenever she saw one of our brothers. They got out a few times and my sister was heartbroken until she found them. They were such joys to get to know and have around the family. Sadly they have gone on now.

Dogs love unconditionally, they will go until their hearts give out.

Today Tess and Owen have four Bloodhounds and boy they are majestic dogs. Big, gentle and beautiful, each and every one of them has their own cool personality and I look forward to getting to know them better. Owen and Tess are loving and kind pet owners. Dogs are family, always was, and always will be. Through them I understand how terrifying it is to lose your dog. Dogs, just like children, depend on their humans for love and protection and in return they love their humans back until the end of time.

The bigger the circle, the wider the net, the more successes there are.

Tess and Owen are volunteers with Lost Dogs Illinois.

Lost Dog Illinois is a purely voluntary-based, non-profit organization where many people spend hours and days on end helping each other in the community. These folks care and will do everything in their power to help bring lost dogs home. Some dogs may be lost for a few hours, or sometimes for a few years, but they never give up.

Please like and share their Facebook Page, donate if you can, but most of all share with your friends and family, you never know when you, or someone you know, may need Lost Dogs Illinois.

Humans matter, and so does their pets.

Samantha McLeod

Vancouver based food and travel writer.