Cannabis may be an alternative medicine to narcotics

Cannabis dosing is not for everyone. Yet everyone I spoke to lauds the healing benefits, of cannabis, as an alternative medicine for pain and anxiety. This is especially when compared to opioids –Opioids are drugs that act on the nervous system to relieve pain.

According to the people I have interviewed, cannabis dosing alleviates pain and anxiety without leaving debilitating opioids side effects, which can be even more damaging then the cause of the original pain.

Check out two recipes for canna-cooking as an alternative medicine in BotaniQ magazine. There you will see the results of eight test subjects who dined on the edibles created by Test Kitchen.

We live in a fast-paced world where the pressures of everyday life is overwhelming. On any given day we read about wars, bombings, abuse and starvations. We are expected to have an opinion on ever single topic in the current news and on every social media platform. Add to that is our work-stress which can be very competitive because of the weight our employers may place on our shoulders.

Then we have our personal lives to contend with, and based on social media postings by our “friends”, it can make us feel insignificant that we are not living a full life like the people travelling, shopping and dining out in every post.

Anxiety seems to be the number one cause of dis-ease in our modern world, when our anxiety is not addressed it makes perfect sense for killer stress to follow and overcome our lives.

If you are experiencing a ‘bad day’ for a few weeks, I suggest you speak to your doctor first of all.

Next – Visit The Village Bloomery to learn as much as you can about plant-based healing.

Learn to declutter your life – downsize on material possessions – avoid people who trigger negative emotions – and last but not least, DE-digitalize whenever possible.



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Samantha McLeod

Vancouver based food and travel writer.